About Us

Do you love breakfast at The Green Bean? Do you know that awesome little shop, Sticks and Bricks, on Market St. that repurposes furniture and creates one of a kind housewares and gifts? They were my two favorite local businesses when I moved to Northampton in 2007, after living in Brooklyn for ten years working as a musician. I learned that they are owned by the amazing husband and wife team of Adam Dunetz and Liz Karney. I was looking for a new project and began a brief internship at Sticks & Bricks.  This quickly transformed into a fantastic friendship with Adam & Liz and coincided with Pop’s package store moving out of the corner location at 1 Market St.

Adam and Liz were living upstairs from Sticks & Bricks at the time and my partner and I spent a lot of time there playing cards and dreaming up the perfect little neighborhood cafe. Wouldn’t it be a great spot to stop for coffee and a breakfast sandwich on your way into town?  Or to stop for a beer on your way home? Or a nice place to go out in the evening for dessert and a glass of wine? A place to play cards- go out on a date- or have a meeting? Once we started imagining what could happen in the space, there was no stopping us. With Adam’s restaurant expertise and Liz’s amazing ability to transform reclaimed materials into an artful and cozy rustic setting, The Roost was born.

With a loan from the bank, some supportive investors, and a lot of moxy, we began the transformation from a dark, dusty package store, to a light filled, comfortable community cafe/restaurant/dessert bar. We serve everything from breakfast and lunch to evening food with fresh baked bread and a full line of house baked cookies, bars, cakes and pies. We serve beer and wine and creative cock*tails plus delicious coffee and tea, smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream sodas. There is something for everyone to enjoy in a space designed for use from morning through evening. Our staff is warm and friendly and we continue to grow and update our focused menu to offer many gluten free and vegan options to our loyal Northampton customers. We are also a quick drive from the 91- an easy place to stop for a break and some delicious treats on your way to and from anywhere... Stop in and say hello!

The Roost Northampton MA - A Good place to sit.